Twisteezwire Owl

After using the Twisteezwire for the colored rice projects last week, I made this little guy. I'm quite fond of him.

Materials: Twisteezwire (brown, cream, orange); buttons (large brown, small yellow, oblong brown), wire cutters

I used one 30" Twisteezwire to make the body and two wings (about 14" for the body and around 6" for each wing). After forming the wings, I twisted them securely onto the body. 

Next, I cut 2 pieces of cream wire, approximately 3" each. I threaded each wire through a small and large button, then through the button that makes the beak and twisted the two ends together. I attached each outside end to the junction where the wings and body meet.

Finally, I cut two 2" pieces of orange wire and attached them to the body with a cow hitch knot (aka lark's head knot - thanks, Google!). I snipped them off to a length I liked. 

I think I might hang him up with fishing line so that it looks like he's swooping.


  1. OHHHHHHHHHHHHH I love love love him!!! Adorable!!!!!!!!!

  2. He is absolutely adorable, Cindy! I love how cute he is! And I think hanging him with the fishing line is a great idea! (BTW, I wanted to tell you that we visited our local Allentown Fair yesterday and I thought of you when I saw all of the ribbons for various art work, quilting, photography, etc!!!)

  3. Now that is cute, cute, cute! You should definitely hang him. Love it.


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