40-4-Steve: Segway Tour

When I started the list of 40 things Steve has always wanted to try, riding a Segway was at the top. Trevor was interested too, but every tour I found has a minimum age of 14 (he's 10) and a minimum weight of 100 lbs (he's 56 lbs). So riding Segways would not be family activity, which meant that we couldn't take a tour in Salt Lake City and leave Trevor alone for 3 hours. We decided to add a Segway tour to our anniversary celebration, since Trevor would be with my parents. 

We booked a Segway tour around Lake Merritt in Oakland. When the day arrived, the weather was perfect and we were excited. We did the video orientation, then got on the Segways for the first time. No problem. We went around the block and all went well. Time to head the three blocks from the storefront to Lake Merritt. 

All was well until we crossed the street and had to ride up a steep curb that had one of those bumpy yellow mats. I didn't lean far enough forward and stalled. I leaned back slightly, then forward again, but I overcorrected and fell forward with me trapped between a wall and the Segway. It ran over my leg repeatedly until the instructor was able to zip over and help me. I emerged with massive bruising all over my right leg, a baseball-sized lump on my right calf, small bruises on my left leg and arm, and all the skin gone from my right heel. It hurt (a lot) and I was nervous to get back on, but I did it anyway. And we had a great time during the remaining two hours. 

Would I ride a Segway again? Yes. It was easy (other than going up steep curbs!) and a fun way to get around. I wouldn't seek it out, but if an opportunity came to ride on smooth terrain I probably wouldn't say no. Steve loved it and absolutely wants to try it again. If nothing else, Steve can take Trevor once he's four years older and 45 lbs. heavier. 


  1. Bummer you got hurt ... but glad you still had fun! LOVING your page about it! Great colors with the photo!!!! And the Mob Museum was fun! I bought the tix online before we went and it saved me $5 each ticket for me and Brian ... Brookie is 9 still, so it was free for her (10 and under are free) -- it's over by Fremont Street (within walking distance of it) -- and if I remember correctly, it was 3 stories and really interesting! They had a lot of places you could stop and take a photo with a "mob" theme and then email to yourself for free, so that was cool -- and I think the 2/14 date reference was because they did an entire area on the "Valentine's Day Massacre" -- not sure where the 2012 comes in, unless maybe that's when they opened the museum? Anyhoo -- it was pretty cool!

  2. OMG that's awful! I am so uncoordinated...that would definitely happen to me and that's why I will NEVER get on a Segway much less take a 3 hour tour on one! Love the "YOLO" sticker, sun and photo (gorgeous backdrop!)on your layout!

  3. Gosh, poor thing! Sounds like fun, except for the pain! That's a great photo you had taken! And a great page you scrapped to go with it! Have a good rest of your week! Melissa

  4. Hi Cindy! I love the layout you made and from this photo, you would never know what happened to you. You are a VERY brave woman getting back on and keep going. I have a question: did the instructor have a first aid kit? Did he bandage your right heel where the skin was gone? I hope so!!! My daughters always wanted to ride a Segway!!!!

    1. I don't know if he had a first aid kit. He offered for us to take a break, look at my injuries, and try again later, but I insisted that we keep going.


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