Strawberry Baskets, Barrettes, Hair Pins and Napkin Rings

When working on the strawberry round-up, I was surprised to see that some of the strawberry crafts I've done in the past weren't posted on Fun Family Crafts. Back when my goddaughters were turning 5 and 2, they'd had a strawberry-themed birthday party. Time to finally post a tutorial!

All four of the projects I'm sharing today start out with the same steps. Stamp red strawberries and green strawberry leaves onto heavy white cardstock and cut them out. Line them up, then coat each berry with Glossy Accents and add Firefly Stickles to the leaves and stems. Let them dry overnight.

Strawberry Basket

Materials: strawberry basket, green pipe cleaner, red ribbons, 2 stamped strawberries, glue gun

Weave a red ribbon through slats of the strawberry basket. Twist a green pipe cleaner to the basket to make a handle. Tie a dotted ribbon into a bow. Use the glue gun to attach the bow to the handle. Glue two stamped strawberries to the front of the woven ribbon.


Strawberry Barrette

Materials: barrette, 3 stamped strawberries, glue gun

Glue the stamped strawberries to the front of the barrette, overlapping them slightly. Leave a small amount of clearance on the fastening end.


Strawberry Hair Pin

Materials: stamped strawberry, hair pin, glue gun

Align the hair pin so that the flat side is down. Glue the stamped strawberry to the end that doesn't open. The hair pin pictured below goes on the left side of the head. To make one for the right side, align the hair pin so that the opening is to the left rather than the right before gluing down the strawberry.


Strawberry Napkin Ring

Materials: napkin, red ribbon, stamped strawberry, glue gun

Glue the ribbon to form the loop that will hold the napkin. Glue the stamped strawberry on the ribbon to hide the area where it was glued together. Slide the napkin ring around a folded napkin.


  1. These are absolutely sweet crafts just like strawberries themselves.

  2. These are so sweet. My niece would love the strawberry barrette.


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