Exploring Hawaii Through Little Passports

I just finished my latest article for Little Passports and realized I haven't mentioned here that I'm now a paid blogger for Little Passports! As Trevor and I are making our way back through each state, I'm taking photos and writing about our adventures. I'm literally getting paid for doing crafts, cooking and science with my son and blogging about it. Pinch me!

The latest article was about Hawaii.

It was fun to go back and reread everything in the Hawaii Journal. Each Journal is packed with activities and information. As Trevor is getting older, he's getting even more out of each Journal. He's making connections and comparisons among the states. It's especially neat when he recognizes places in the Journal that he has been. 

Trevor has been to Hawaii twice, at age 3 and age 7. He doesn't remember the first trip at all and has incomplete memories of the more recent trip, so it's been awesome to be able to pull out the scrapbook and show him photos of him at the same places that are mentioned in the Journal.

In addition to the fun word search, hidden picture, dot-to-dot and other puzzles, we did all the hands-on activities too. We made origami whales.

We learned how to make a rainbow with a glass of water by placing it between sunlight and a piece of white paper. We tested a bunch of different variables, such as the amount of water in the glass, the shape of the glass, the angle of the paper, and more to see how they affected the rainbow. Give it a try!


Finally, Trevor made Hawaiian Sweet Bread with his cousin, Allison. Such concentration on both of their faces!

Their efforts were well worth it, as the bread was really yummy.

We'll definitely be making this again.

Another super fun adventure with Little Passports! 


  1. How awesome to be paid for something you are passionate about! Congrats!


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