Oval Knitting Loom Project #1: Beanie!

Check out what I made!!!

This beanie is my very first ever knitting project. With as many crafts as I do, people are often surprised to hear that I'd never done any knit or crochet projects. A mom friend tried to teach me to knit over several different sessions about five years ago, but between my being left-handed and our kids interrupting us every 30 seconds, I didn't actually learn. 

Fast-forward to June, when Veronica from Leisure Arts contacted me to see if I'd be interested in reviewing their new Oval Knitting Loom as a beginner. (This link and some others in this post are affiliate links. I received product for the purposes of this review and will get a referral fee if you follow the link and make a purchase. As always, my opinions are my own.)

Ultimate Oval Loom Knitting Set

Veronica told me that the Oval Knitting Loom was also very kid-friendly. I was interested, but hesitant. Would I be able to do it, or was I setting myself up to fail? Did it matter that I was left-handed? Is this something Trevor would enjoy? I thought about it, then emailed my reply to Veronica: "I'd like to try. If it's REALLY easy enough for a true beginner, sign me up.About a week later, the Oval Loom Knitting Set showed up at my door. 

I'd met Veronica at the FaveCrafts Blogger Networking Event back in January. At the same event, I met Sandi from Premier Yarns. I contacted her to tell her I'd be reviewing the Oval Loom Knitting Set and asked if she could provide me with some appropriate yarn. She happily agreed and sent me some beautiful skeins. Thank you!

When the yarn arrived, Trevor and I opened the knitting loom and read carefully through the instructions for the first (easiest) project, the beanie. We decided to use the larger loom to make an adult-sized beanie. Trevor selected the azure Deborah Norville Everyday Soft Worsted Yarn. It's so pretty!

Finally, it was time to dive in. Fortunately, the directions were very easy to follow. The book has large, clear illustrations, as well as handy icons that show which steps have an online video tutorial. Within 15 minutes, Trevor had done the first few rows. 

Basically, all you do is wrap the yarn around the pegs, then use the tool to lift each loop over the next. That's all there is to it. 

I did a few rows, then we set it aside for the day. I love that there's no problem with just setting it down. 

One or both of us would do a few rows each day, until finally it was nearing completion. (Just noticed Trevor is wearing the same shirt both days I photographed him! It's from the LLNL Discovery Center.)

The final step to make the beanie was to remove it from the loom and shape it. We were really excited to be so close to the end and happily flipped to the directions to see what to do. Then... uh oh. The directions say to use a yarn needle to remove the project, but the kit does not include a yarn needle. I don't expect the kit to include EVERYTHING you need to make a project; for example, it's totally reasonable for the yarn to be sold separately and for crafters to use the scissors they already own to cut the yarn. But a yarn needle isn't something beginners are likely to have on hand. That's my only criticism of an otherwise excellent product.

Once we found a yarn needle, finishing up the hat took just a few minutes. So exciting! Here I am wearing it during our family cruise to Alaska. We got home on Wednesday.

See the icebergs in the water behind me? This was taken in Endicott Arm, partway to Dawes Glacier

I stayed toasty warm with my new hat. I'm looking forward to trying another project. Thanks again to Leisure Arts and Premier Yarns for providing me with the materials! 

The Ultimate Oval Loom 3


  1. How awesome! That is a craft I have never tried either!!! Yet both my mom and mother-in-law both know how to crochet and knit! LOL!!! And Alaska too!! So exciting!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow. You did awesome on your first attempt! LOVE the colour!

  3. Good job on your first project! I love loom knitting- it's the only kind I know how to do. I've never seen the oval shaped loom before, very cool.


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