40-for-Steve: Claremont Resort

My family didn't do a lot of fine dining when I was a kid. We ate at upscale local restaurants for birthdays and special occasions, but we didn't ever travel into San Francisco or Napa or Berkeley to eat at world class restaurants. Our next-door neighbors did. Their only child was my best friend, Nancy, who was frequently allowed to bring me along when their family ate at a 4-star restaurant. Lucky me! 

I can remember many elegant lunches and dinners at a wide variety of Bay Area restaurants, but my absolute best memories are of brunch at the Claremont Resort in the Berkeley hills. The hotel was so elegant, with amazing views. The restaurant was huge and the place settings so fancy. The food was visually stunning and tasted absolutely perfect. 

I hadn't been to brunch at the Claremont in 30+ years. Steve had never eaten there. So I added it to the list of 40-4-Steve. When it came time for us to pick a destination for our anniversary trip, we decided to stay at the Claremont. We didn't have brunch there, but we did enjoy dinner, room service, and two breakfasts at their restaurant, Meritage, during our stay. Delicious.

I'll be scrapping our anniversary trip later, but this page goes into the 40-4-Steve album as completed goal #10.


  1. What a gorgeous photo!! LOVE this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That looks like a beautiful place. How lucky to have eaten at fine restaurants at such a young age!

  3. Beautiful photo! love how the layout is simple allowing it to shine! The best meal I ever had was at Bobby Flay's Restaurant in Vegas: Mesa Grill in Caesar's Palace. It was pricy but so worth it!


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