Peppermint Candy Holiday Card

We always send photo cards each Christmas, but if I didn't, I would probably send something like this:

I'd punched some white circles for a project and had a few left over. Inspiration struck and I grabbed a red pen. 

In a few minutes, I had this:

I cut a rough circle of wax paper and wrapped it around the cardstock circle, taping it in the back. Then I cut two rough triangles of wax paper and crumpled the tips. 

I assembled the 'candy' and glued it to a black background. 

I photographed the project, then digitally added the frame and text to the image using PicMonkey. It literally took less than five minutes and it's ready to send. Have I mentioned how much I love PicMonkey? (Yes.)

Of course, you could also add a cardstock mat and use a white or silver pen to write the sentiment by hand. I think this would make a really cute gift tag to pair with a peppermint-scented candle (affiliate link) or other peppermint item. Great for a neighbor, teacher or your favorite blogger!

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