Colorwear T-Shirt

Check out my new t-shirt! I colored it myself.

One of my goals at Creativation was to see for myself if the coloring book trend would be continuing strong in 2017. As I wrote in my trends wrap-up, the coloring craze had largely moved off the book and onto many other surfaces, such as wrapping paper, washi tape, canvases, and clothing. Colorwear was showing color-it-yourself t-shirts, so I stopped to check them out and snap some photos.

Their colorful shirts are printed in black and white and come with a set of fabric markers. And look how adorable the packaging is!

Colorwear has a wide variety of designs and colors available. Color-it-yourself shirts that I've seen in the past have always been printed on a white t-shirt. I love that Colorwear prints on colorful shirts. 

The ladies in the booth gave me the 'Grow' shirt so I could try it out. I brought it with me to a crafty get-together with my friends and colored while we chatted. Great friends, great food, great wine, and crafting - my favorite way to spend a day!

I'm always looking for cool gifts, particularly for kids. Colorwear t-shirts are a great choice. They're high-quality, with dozens of designs and colors. The price point is reasonable; you're giving an art project to do, a shirt to wear, and fabric markers that can be kept and used for many future projects. 

I've included links to the 'Grow' shirt, as well as to some of my other favorites. 



  1. Ohhhhhhh I am going to check them out for Brookie! She is sooooo into coloring right now! She has more markers and colored pencils than me! LOL!!!!!!

  2. It was fun watching Cindy color this. It looked very relaxing, and I totally agree with her on the high quality of the fabric.

  3. Looks interesting. This is something I might try!


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