Creativation 2017 - Classes

Education is a huge part of attending Creativation.

This year there were two full days of classes before the show floor opened, as well as classes during the three days the floor was open. I attended twelve classes.

  • 25 Pins and When to Pin Them / Patti Biro
  • Who is Gen Z and How Will They Change Your Marketing Plan? / Tanner Bell
  • Social Media is Just Like Retail / Lindsay Anvik
  • Master Affiliate Marketing / Jen Goode
  • When to SEO: The Easiest Approach / Simone Collins 
  • 4 Paths to Getting Your Work Published / Kathy Cano-Murillo and Maria Segares
  • How to Create and Successfully Grow a YouTube Channel / Yolanda Soto-Lopez 
  • Video for Brands and Bloggers / Angel Peterson-Hicks
  • Color/Design at a Crossroads: Directional Trends / Leatrice Eisman
  • Brands and Bloggers / Angie Holden
  • 7 Steps to Freshen Up Your Website in 7 Days / Leanne Pressly
  • Best Practices to Utilize the Blogosphere to Promote Your Brand / Leanne Pressly

Overall, the classes were outstanding. I walked away with a better understanding of the topics and a to-do list a mile long from each. I'm slowly working through my notes and prioritizing. For example, I'm putting a lot of effort into SEO and affiliate marketing, and have decided not to tackle video any time soon. I'm upping my Facebook game by focusing on my business page and am being more intentional and examining the analytics of my Pinterest account. I'm keeping my social media focused on just those two, which is a manageable amount for me and best in line with where my readers are. I'm continuing my efforts at improving the appearance and usability of my site. 

I am also going through the copious notes and handouts that Vickie gave me from the classes she attended that conflicted with mine. Those include:

  • Measuring Your Marketing / Lynn Ruby
  • A Beginner's Guide to Facebook Marketing / Jennifer Cario
  • Simplify Digital Marketing with a Color Wheel Marketing Plan / Dr. Minette Riordan
  • Surprise and Delight: Build Audiences Across Social Platforms

There was one hour where there were three classes that I desperately wanted to attend. Steve to the rescue! We parked Trevor in a comfy chair with homework, then Steve, Vickie and I went to three different classes. Steve attended:

  • Boosting Revenue and Rankings Through Content Marketing / Amberly Dressler

Thank you to all the presenters for all the hard work you put into these classes! There's no question that my blog and my business are better for having learned from you. 


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