Creativation 2017 - Make-and-Takes

During my time at Creativation, I tried to do as many make-and-takes as possible. There is no better way to learn about a new product than to try it yourself, under the guidance of an expert. I did about 20 make-and-takes during the three days on the show floor. These are some of my favorites.

First up, my painting from the DecoArt Splatter Room. I absolutely love how it turned out and had the best time making it!

I made this tile at the DCWV booth. I struggled with what to put on it, as everything I could think of wouldn't fit. I was really happy that our names fit so nicely. And that plus sign? It's actually two lowercase i's. 

This canvas bag is also from DCWV. 

Here it is in progress. See the huge cookie? This wasn't just a make-and-take. It was a make-and-bake-and-take! They had a toaster oven and were serving hot cookies right there on the show floor. Heavenly. 

I made this foam cactus at the FloraCraft booth. I love how it turned out!

This bird was also from FloraCraft. It was, by far, the most time-intensive make-and-take I've ever seen (45+ minutes). The sample was cuter, but I do like my finished bird.

I made this sparkly metal wallet project at Eclectic Products. I used Fabri-Fuse to glue a fabric scrap to the metal, then embellished it with Allure dimensional glitter paint. 

This mini calendar is from Deflecto. I love their products. 

This cute glove project was at the Best Creation booth. The words were precut from their fabulous glitter paper. All I did was iron them on. 

My biggest make-and-take disappointment was at the Beacon Adhesives booth. It was my first time using Fast Finish Decoupage and I loved it. I covered a wooden bracelet with a beautiful black and white tissue paper. I lined it all up carefully and chose exactly where to put each piece.

The bracelet needed to dry between coats, so the woman running the make-and-take told me to leave it there and return in an hour. As I was leaving, someone sat down next to me, admired my bracelet and announced she was going to use the same tissue paper and copy it. When I came back an hour later and retrieved "my" bracelet, it was immediately obvious to me that it wasn't mine at all. The tissue paper wasn't straight, the patterns didn't match and it wasn't perfectly smooth. I added a second coat to "my" bracelet, telling myself that it must be mine, that maybe I was imagining that I'd done such a perfect job on it. I brought "my" bracelet home. Alas, when I compared the finished bracelet to this photo, the patterns are not the same. I knew it. I hope someone out there is enjoying my bracelet and that the mix-up was accidental.


  1. Great projects! The painting one looks like it was lots of fun to make! Love the "Cindy and Steve" sign, the wallet, and your bracelet.... bummer someone took it! :0(

  2. Such fun projects!! I didn't get to a couple of those!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Loving all the projects you made! That is a bummer about the bracelet! :(

  4. Cute projects. That metal wallet turned out cute! I think I have that same wallet sans decoration. Bummer on the bracelet!

  5. Fun stuff! Man, that splatter room looked so fun!


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