Yarn Heart Greeting Card and Yarn Flower Gift Wrap

Ever use yarn to make a card?

How about to wrap a gift?

I used the Gelato Sweet Roll by Premier Yarns for both the card and the gift wrap. I love how they turned out. 

From February 19-25, JoAnn stores will be selling Gelato and the other 'flavors' of Sweet Roll Yarn at the low price of 3 balls for $10. What a deal!


Yarn Heart Greeting Card


  • cardstock
  • scrap paper
  • yarn
  • scissors
  • glue

Fold the cardstock to make a card base. Fold the scrap paper in half, then cut out a heart that fits nicely on the card base. Trace around the heart with glue. 

Remove the heart, then add yarn to the glued area.

Let the heart dry completely before continuing. This prevents the heart from shifting when you add the inner layers. 

Put glue in the center of the heart and add the next piece of yarn. You can alternate colors or make the whole thing a single color. Continue adding yarn until the heart is filled.

While the heart is drying, use a small loom to make a flower. It's so easy! 

Finish the gift by wrapping yarn around the box, then tying the flower around the box. If the ends aren't long enough to tie it all the way around the box, just tie it to the yarn that's already looped around the box. 

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