Creativation 2017 - Trends

A few weeks ago, I identified trends that I believe will be big in 2017. Time to see how I did, based on exhibits at the Creativation show


The most obvious trend for 2017 is cacti. Booths had cacti of all sizes, shapes and colors on display. 

"But wait," you might be saying, "the Creativation show was held in Phoenix. Of course there were cacti everywhere!" And you'd be correct. Many exhibitors embraced the show's new home in Phoenix by decorating with cacti, but that does not explain the dozens and dozens of cactus-themed products that were on display. Manufacturers do not make dies, stamps, papers, stickers and more unless they expect to sell them, not just in Phoenix but globally. Trust me. Cacti are trending, big time.

Hot Air Balloons

Did you notice the hot air balloons in the cacti photo at the top of the post? Hot air balloons were all over the place, especially among paper crafts.


Flamingo papers, flamingo stamps, flamingo displays. 


Pineapple is the new watermelon. A few years ago, we saw watermelon everywhere. Now it's pineapple.


Adult coloring books have become so big that you can buy them at the grocery store and pretty much everywhere else you go. With such a saturated market, would manufacturers still be showing coloring books at the Creativation show? Some did. But the surprise was that coloring has moved beyond the book and onto every surface you can imagine. I saw color-your-own clothing, journals, wrapping paper, stickers, canvases, calendars, and dozens of other things.

Dream Catchers and "Dream"

Both dream catchers and the word "dream" were all over the Creativation show floor.

There were plenty of other trends present at Creativation, including feathers, foxes, tassels, ampersands, arrows, and tropical leaves. Any that you're excited about? Any you wish would just go away?


  1. You did a great job in your predictions! I'd love to try some of that coloring washi and I think coloring wrapping paper would be fun, too. I am not really up on the "Dream" trend as well as some of the other words and phrases ("Best Day Ever!") that we keep seeing. I do like the dream catcher though.

  2. I like the cacti, flamingos, hot air balloons, and pineapples...though IDK how I would use any of them, LOL! BTW - I have a Hot Air Balloon stamp I've never used... perhaps I should try it out since it is one of the "in" things!

  3. Hi Cindy! YES!!! I wish I could go to Arizona and enjoy the sun and dry weather. Cacti look amazing and such a fun trend. Another of the trends that I love (and so does my sister) is the use of flamingos! And it's so cool to see your predictions, Cindy. And thanks so much for your visit to my blog. HUGS!!!

  4. Cacti I am still in 'huh?' mode over -- being here in Phoenix ... we REALLY don't like cacti!!!!! LOL!!!! They are ugly, and PROTECTED (try getting one removed from your house ... EXPENSIVE!!! LOL!!) and just down right painful!! LOL!! So I am shocked that they are a trend!! lol!! I am EXCITED about dream catchers though ... Brookie has been OBSESSED with those FOREVER!!!!!!!! :)

  5. These new trends are interesting and cute. I really like the hot air balloons and the pineapples, too. I'm not sure about the cacti.....I can see them getting put with my mustache and owl collection, ha ha.

  6. I like the hot air balloons, pineapples and flamingos!


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