40-4-Steve: Morimoto

Have you noticed how many items from my 40-4-Steve project involve food? One must-do was to eat at Morimoto in Napa. Since Steve and I both worked from home, we talked about going together on a weekday. But Trevor wouldn't hear of this, as he is as much of a foodie as we are. He did not want to miss an opportunity to eat at such a world class restaurant! So we waited until he had a day off school.

Trevor was very smart not to miss it. The food was absolutely amazing.

Morimoto (affiliate link)

It's dangerous that such a wonderful (but expensive!) restaurant is so close to our house. I'm so glad that we tried it. 


  1. I wish all of my 3 were more adventurous with food...only my oldest is.

  2. Love that Trevor "put his foot down", LOL! Nice clean yummy looking layout!


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