LEGO Batman Party Cup

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Yesterday, I told you all about our awesome LEGO Batman Movie Party. Here's how we made the cups that decorated the table. 

LEGO Batman Party Cups



For each cup, cut the following pieces, as shown in the picture below:
  • 1 long, thin black rectangle
  • 2 rounded black triangles
  • 1 black circle
  • 1 squat black triangle
  • 1 cream rectangle 
  • 1 small white triangle
  • 2 turquoise almonds
  • 2 smaller light blue almonds

Glue the light blue almonds onto the turquoise almonds. Turn the cup upside down and glue these to the cup to make Batman's eyes. 

Fold the squat black triangle in half vertically to make a dimensional nose. Glue it beneath the eyes. 

Use the pen to outline the edges of the white triangle and to draw a small line, as shown in the picture above. Glue it to the cream rectangle, then draw in a small line on the bottom right. Glue it beneath the nose.

Fold the bottom of the black triangles over to form a small lip, then glue them to the black circle.

Glue the narrow black strip on the inside rim of what used to be the bottom of the cup to hide the white rim. (If your cups are black here, skip this step.) 

Glue the circle with the ears into the recessed portion of the cup. 

Fold the napkin like this:

Set the cup on top of the napkin so it becomes Batman's cape. 

You can use these cups just as decorations, or fill them with goodies to take home as favors. If you want to use the cups for drinking, do not glue the circle with the ears on top. Just place it there while the cup is upside down. When you want to fill the cup, lift the ears out and invert the cup. 

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