The LEGO Batman Movie Party

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When I attended Snap Conference back in April, the #1 question other bloggers asked me was what sponsors I was most excited to meet. My answers were LEGO and Wilton. I attended classes from both and really enjoyed my time getting to know their products better. Imagine my delight when LEGO contacted me to see if I wanted to do a promotion related to The LEGO Batman Movie! I decided to throw a LEGO Batman Movie Party to watch the digital release. I reached out to Wilton and they sent me some tasty decorating supplies to add to the fun! 

Decorations are a great way to set the mood for a party, so Trevor and I designed the two simple crafts you see above. The instructions for the *BAM!* treat holder are below. I'll show you how we made the Batman cups tomorrow. 

Food is a must for a party, and popcorn is practically synonymous with movies. With help from Wilton, we turned ordinary popcorn into awesome LEGO Batman popcorn.


LEGO Batman Popcorn



  1. Pop the popcorn.
  2. Spread the popcorn on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. 
  3. Follow the directions to melt the candy melts. Drizzle yellow and black over the popcorn. 
  4. Use the candy molds to make black bats and white, yellow, and black bricks. 
  5. After the candy is set, put the popcorn, bats, and bricks into a bowl. 

We served our popcorn in these handy containers. They are actually the take-out containers from our favorite Chinese restaurant! By adding a *BAM!* sticker to the side, it was transformed to fit our party theme perfectly!

With everything prepared, we were ready to greet our guests. Trevor's friend Devin's two passions in life are Batman and LEGO, so his family was the natural choice! Devin arrived in a LEGO Batman shirt and a cape, which was awesome. Here are the boys, posing with the goodies that LEGO sent us! 

Trevor and Devin were so excited to start building!

Once the building was complete, it was time to watch the movie! The boys grabbed some treats and flopped into beanbags (which coincidentally matched their shirts). The adults also grabbed treats, but we sat on the couches (which did not match our shirts).

So how was the movie? We LOVED it! There were so many clever, laugh out loud moments. The adults loved it as much as the kids. I can't imagine who wouldn't love this movie. The digital download is available now, and the DVD / Blu-Ray will be released this Tuesday, June 13.  


Thanks to LEGO and Wilton for making our LEGO Batman Movie party so awesome!


  1. My daughters LOVED the LEGO Batman movie, too! I haven't seen it yet, but it's definitely on my list. WOW! What a wonderful party! I cannot wait to try the popcorn recipe. Anne loves popcorn and LEGO Batman!!! Thanks for sharing this awesome post with all of us!

  2. We loved that movie!!! What fun popcorn!!!!!!!!!!!!


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