'I Love You' Carved Tree Card

Today, Steve and I celebrate our 15th anniversary. I would NEVER carve a love message in a tree, but this paper version is a fun way to tell Steve just how much I love him. This card works well for Valentine's Day, or even Mother's Day or Father's Day. Affiliate links below.

'I Love You' Carved Tree Card



Cut and fold the cardstock to make the base for your card. Cut the wood grain paper so that it is slightly smaller than the card base.

Punch a heart from scratch paper, then use the paper as a tracer to draw a heart on the back of the wood grain paper. Cut out the heart.

Position the wood grain paper on the card base, then write your message in the empty space.

Turn the wood grain paper over and apply foam tape to the back. This will give dimension and make it look like your message is carved into the tree. If you are concerned that the white tape will show, color the edges with the brown pen before you apply it.

Attach the wood grain paper to the base, being sure to position it so the message shows.


Happy anniversary, Steve! We've had so much fun together and I am excited to see what adventures the next 15 years have in store for us. 


  1. Happy anniversary!!! I loveeeeeee this card!!! That looks AMAZING!! I will have to try that!!!!!

  2. Thank you for your sweet comments and encouragement on my blog. :) Thought I'd pop over here and thank you and take a look. Love this cute project. Working on a project for a family day at the Airport. This inspired me to create something similar. Thanks. xoxoxo Hope you're doing well.

  3. Happy 15th anniversary to you and Steve!!!! YAY!!! I love your wonderful and very creative card!


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