Money Gifts for Graduation

I'm a big fan of giving money as gifts. It's especially fun to disguise it as something else. Would you have guessed this guy is hiding cold, hard cash? 

Make your own graduate money holder! It's ridiculously easy to do and such a cute and thoughtful way to give money as a gift. Personalize yours by changing the skin tone, tassel color, and/or adding hair, glasses, or other distinguishing features. There are affiliate links in the supply list below. 


Graduate Money Holder



The toothpick dispenser has two tops; remove the top one and discard it. Then untwist the lower one and set it aside. 

Paint the dispenser your desired flesh tone using Folk Art Multi-Surface paint. It sticks beautifully to the plastic. I did two coats for good coverage. 

When that is dry, paint the bottom portion of the dispenser black. 

Cut a square of black cardstock to make the cap. Wrap the embroidery floss around one finger approximately ten times, then cut it. Slide it off your finger, keeping it coiled. Cut a 3" piece of embroidery floss and tie it securely around the bundle of floss. 

Snip the floss on the opposite side of where you put the knot. 

Smooth all the ends except one downward, then trim them so they are even. Poke a hole in the center of the cardstock. Use the brad to push the long strand of the tassel through the whole, then close the brad. 

Put Supertite glue on the underside of the cardstock, covering the brad and the tassel, then stick it firmly to the screw-top lid. 

Roll up the money and put in inside the dispenser. Bills and coins both fit nicely. 

Add the eyes, then draw on a nose, mouth, and eyebrows.

Any graduate would be happy to receive this fun gift. And the money is certainly a bonus! If you are interested in other ways to give money for graduations or other occasions, I have lots of ideas. Enjoy!


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