Trouble is 8

The National Scrapbook Day birthday challenge at Scrapbook and Cards Today seemed easy enough, but I didn't have any birthday photos printed. At least, not of the humans! I'd printed a photo of Trouble napping in his farm box, legs sticking out, that was taken right around his 8th birthday. I decided to use that photo to tell the story of how we've added rugs and runners on the hardwood floor to make it easier for our sweet bunny to hop.

Trouble is 8 (affiliate link)

Fun fact about rabbits: they don't have pads on the bottom of their feet, as Trouble is so kindly demonstrating in the picture. Because of this, most rabbits struggle on smooth floors; some refuse to go on them at all. Not Trouble. He didn't really care about slippery paws on the hardwood floor when he was younger, but he struggles now as he's aging. The rugs help enormously. He can hop from one to the next and goes out of his way to avoid the slippery floor. All the rugs and runners make it much harder to sweep/vacuum, plus they are not exactly enhancing our interior decor, but I don't care. It's a small price to pay for the furry member of our family as he enters his golden years.   


  1. Funny, we had to add a runner to Brian's side of the bed, because when Dandy was younger, that is what he used to get his running start to jump into our bed. Then he moved to the little doggy stairs we added because he couldn't jump anymore. Now he uses the runner to sleep on, so he is at least close to Daddy! LOL!! The things we do for our fur babies!! :) I loveeeeeeeeeeee this! LOVING that cute photo and the big '8'!!!!

  2. Awwwwwwww! What a sweet photo of Trouble! I love your journaling and especially like that you used your adorable rabbit's birthday as the theme of this challenge!

  3. So cute! I didn't know that about rabbits! That big 8 is so eye-catching!


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