Snail Name Art

I love name art. This time, I used my name to create the patterns on a snail's shell. 


Snail Name Art


  • construction paper - kraft, green, blue
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • brown marker
  • craft glue


Cut the kraft paper. You'll need a flattened oval for the shell, a rounded head, a pointed tail, and two antennae. Use the pencil to draw a swirl on the shell. 

Trace your swirl with the brown pen. Now fill in the spaces between the swirl by writing your name in capital letters. Each letter should stretch to fill the vertical distance. Keep repeating your name, without leaving spaces, until you reach the end. Write lightly; you might need to make adjustments. 

When you're happy with how it looks, trace over your name using the brown pen. Add eyes and a smile to the snail's face. Glue the parts of the snail together.

Glue a strip of green construction paper to the blue, then position the snail to cover the line where the grass meets the sky. 

Couldn't be easier! 


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