Christmas Card 2018

This is one of two layouts I made on National Scrapbook Day that weren't for challenges. It is as simple as scrapbook pages get. Christmas card + cream mat + black mat + black strip + journaling.

Christmas Card 2018 (affiliate link)

You'd think that with such a simple page and only a single element, I could have lined it up perfectly straight, but apparently not. I didn't notice it was off looking at it in person, but once it was digital and filling my screen, it became obvious. Fortunately, I have a foolproof method for lifting elements adhered with a tape runner. I won't guarantee it works with all brands, but I've yet to find one that doesn't. You'll need a piece of heavy cardstock (or thin chipboard) that is wider than the element you're trying to remove. Slide the cardstock under one bottom corner. 

Keeping the cardstock flat against the background paper, use two hands to wiggle it back and forth, applying slight pressure toward the top of the element. Keep going until it is 95% loosened, then remove the cardstock. At this point, you can remove the element by hand, or keep it partially tacked down and reposition it. No damage to the background paper!

Into the album!


  1. I love the layout and the tip...as I am notorious for crooked layouts, Thanks!

  2. Loving that tip!!! Great lo!!! Loving the colors!!!


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