One Little Word 2019

This is my ninth year participating in Ali Edwards' One Little Word. I started in 2011 with Balance (2011), then did Celebrate (2012), Try (2013), Enjoy (2014), Relax (2015), Share (2016), Connect (2017), and Believe (2018). Spending the year focusing on each of these words has been very positive for me.

My word for 2019 is Reach. 

I love this word because reach can mean stretching toward something, or actually arriving there. Both are important. You can’t reach your goals without first reaching toward them. All progress is positive. This year, I will reach toward, reach for, and reach out. I’m excited to see where it will lead me.

As always, my new One Little Word does not replace the previous ones. Balance, Celebrate, Try, Enjoy, Relax, Share, Connect, and Believe will be as much a part of 2019 for me as Reach. My tags hang together in my craft room. These are the first 7:

Reach has joined Believe on my 2nd string of tags. They hang right below the first. 

Did you choose One Little Word for 2019? I'd love to hear what it is and why you chose it!


  1. Love your tags! They all look so pretty hanging together...a motivational banner! I do have a word... I will be blogging about it soon!

  2. Loveeeeeeeeeee this word!!!! Mine has been chosen and I have it scheduled to share later this month :)


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