One Little Word, 2018

This is my eighth year participating in Ali Edwards' One Little Word. I started in 2011 with Balance (2011), then did Celebrate (2012), Try (2013), Enjoy (2014), Relax (2015), Share (2016) and Connect (2017). Focusing on each of these words for a year has been very positive for me.

Usually, my word comes to me early. By November, or December at the latest, I know where I want the upcoming year to go and what word will help guide me. This year was different. My word simply wouldn't reveal itself.

I have three primary goals for the year: 1) to lose weight (25 pounds); 2) to reduce possessions and eliminate clutter; and 3) to grow my business. These goals seemed to be pointing in different directions. Words like Reduce or Simplify work for two of the goals, but not the third. Likewise, I didn't want to pick something like Grow or Expand that seems at odds with the first two goals. Maybe my word was Prioritize? Choose? Concentrate? Value? None of them felt right. I wanted a word that would help steer me toward important, yet difficult, goals. I also wanted something uplifting that would help me cope in a society that I increasingly don't understand. Finally, it came to me.

My One Little Word for 2018 is Believe.

First, I believe I can achieve anything I decide to do if I am dedicated enough. I can lose weight, I can get rid of stuff, and I can grow my business. None will be easy, nor will the steps I need to take always be pleasant. But I believe in myself. I believe that God is there for me and supports me when I need it. And I believe in the good in people. We can come together, but it takes openness, risk, and compassion. 

As always, my new One Little Word does not replace the previous ones. Balance, Celebrate, Try, Enjoy, Relax, Share, and Connect will be as much a part of 2018 for me as Believe. Usually, I add my new tag onto my previous string of tags, but the space is full! Believe will be the first tag on a new strand that hangs below this one:

Did any of you choose One Little Word for 2018? I'd love to hear what it is and why you chose it!


  1. I lost 30 pounds and have kept it off for 2 years and 3 months using CICO (Calories in Calories Out). As long as you eat less then you burn you will lose weight. And I can eat anything I want... even "junk food" which is why it's so sustainable... cuz who can live an entire lifetime w/ out some chocolate amirite?! LOL! Although, I don't eat JUST junk food: 1) too much junk food eventually makes me sick 2) Healthy Foods are less caloric (for the most part) which means I can eat MORE while eating them 3) I actually like Healthy foods! Also I used the MFP (My Fitness Pal) app. Julie does the same (right Julie?! ::wink::) We're friends there as well! Anyway, whatever you decide to do, good luck! And Good Luck w/ ALL your goals!

  2. Oh I forgot I will be posting my own OLW blog post also... soon!

  3. I believe that you can achieve your goals Cindy. You always find a way to achieve what you've set out to do.

  4. ^^ What she said! LOL!!! I love your word!!! And the tag is beautiful!!!!!!!


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