Boo! Eyeball Art

Sometimes, the inspiration for one of my projects comes from a previous craft. When I shared the Boo Halloween mobile, it struck me that the double O's of BOO would make awesome eyeballs. From that idea, I made this:


Boo! Eyeball Art



Cut two white circles for the eyeballs. Draw wiggly red capillaries on them. Cut a pair of smaller green circles for the irises and even smaller circles for the pupils. Glue the eyes together.

Cut a letter B from green paper. Instead of cutting out the counters from the green, cut them in black and glue them on top of the B. Cut a black witch's hat and glue it to the top of the B. 

Make an exclamation point with a brown broom handle and yellow bristles. Cut the bristles almost all the way to the top. 

Glue everything to purple background paper. 


I did a search on Amazon for "candy eyeballs" and the search yielded all sorts of interesting things. Lots of fun Halloween possibilities!


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