Textbook Pickup

Trevor has been in 9th grade for about two months now. So far, it is 100% distance learning, which has actually worked out really well. He'll be doing distance learning for at least another few weeks, but likely through the end of the semester. 

During the first week of school, each student had a designated time to pick up textbooks. Only three of Trevor's six classes have a text (Biology, English, and Math), yet his stack was quite impressive. 

Textbook Pickup (affiliate link)
I'm really happy to have this layout in the album. Not only does it document something we'd never done before COVID-19, but now I have a photo of his new school in the scrapbook... even if he has only been inside for the pre-admission tour.


  1. Love how you've documented this!

  2. Love this! Great photos and loving that you got pics of his new school! That will be Brookie next year!


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