Virtual Spirit Week '20

Trevor started his freshman year with distance learning, and we've recently learned that our district will continue with distance learning through at least mid-January. Fortunately, the principal, teachers, and upperclassmen at ECHS have done a great job helping the 9th graders adjust to their new school and get to know each other. In September, they planned a virtual Spirit Week. Each student submitted a picture of themselves that fit the theme of each day, then you could watch the daily slideshow and see everyone who participated. It was a lot of fun. 

Virtual Spirit Week '20 (affiliate link)

I have to share the story about Friday, which was Class Colors Day. Back when I was in high school (in the Dark Ages, obviously), we had school colors, not class colors. (Black and gold - go Matadors!) I asked Steve, and they didn't have class colors either. 

It turns out that ECHS has class colors for a similar reason as why their mascot is Pegasus. Just like they have two mascots combined into one, they have two schools' worth of school colors. So instead of school colors, they have class colors. Freshman are white and sophomores blue (the Solano Community College colors), and juniors are green and seniors are black (the Rodriguez High colors). They're arranged in that order because they will officially graduate from Rodriguez High.
This layout was inspired by the Victoria Marie "Witches Brew Stash Bash Challenge." The assignment was to reach deep into your scrapbook stash and 'brew' a layout with older products. Everything on this layout, with the exception of the cardstock, is something I've had for at least a few years. The oldest item is probably the alphabet/number stickers I used for the days of the week and the year. They came off a used sticker sheet a friend gave me about 5 years ago, and they were old then! The letters weren't all the same color, so I used a dark green Sharpie to unify them. I used "r" for Thursday for two reasons: first, it's what my university used and I've been following that convention for 30 years now; and second, there was only one "t" on the sticker sheet and no "h" to make "th." 

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  1. Glad he can get to know his fellow mates virtually. Such a fun layout!


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