Crayon Melt Skull

Crafting with the warming tray is so much fun that you can't stop with just one project! I filled a paper with purples, blues, and greens to make a background for a paper skull. 

To make the background paper, I used the same technique as with the iguana. Plug in the warming tray, put a piece of paper on top, peel the crayons, place them on their sides, and glide them across the paper. I layered five different colors on top of each other. 

Here you can see how the same finished paper looks sitting on the table and held up to the window. 

To make the skull, I folded a piece of copy paper in half and cut out the general shape of a skull, including the eye sockets, nose, and mouth. When I was happy with it, I used it as a tracer on a second piece of paper. After cutting out the final version of the skull, I used the paper scraps to make teeth, which I glued behind the skull. Then I glued the skull to the background paper. 

There is no end to the things you can do with a warming tray!

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