Legoland 2015 and Keeping Track of Stories to Tell

After having the photos on my desk for five years, I finally scrapped Steve and Trevor's 2015 trip to Legoland. They went while I attended the Craft and Hobby Association Mega Show in Anaheim. Why did I wait so long to make this layout? Well, on top of these reasons, I've been searching for my LEGO scrapbook materials. I'm convinced that I have LEGO paper and stickers somewhere, but I've torn the house apart and they are not here. I must have dream-bought them. I did find some Star Wars LEGO stickers amongst Trevor's art supplies, so I used those for this super simple page. 

Legoland 2015 (affiliate link)

I'm really glad to get this layout in the album. It's been sitting at the top of my list of stories to scrap for far too long. See? There it is, right at the top:

I use this list along with my post-it trick to make scrapping out of chronological order work for me. Basically, any time something happens that I want to scrapbook, I add it to the bottom of my list. Every so often, I transfer those topics to post-it notes for the album. That's when I determine whether an event gets one page or two. I indicate the 2-pagers in parentheses in the notebook. When I order photos, I circle the topic. I can see at a glance what topics are ready to scrap, if they're 1- or 2-pagers, and where they fit in the album, as well as what photos I still need to have printed. When I complete a layout and share it here, I draw a line through that item. 

When the list gets too messy (which happens every few months), I recopy it. 

As you can see, our trip through the Panama Canal in 2017 is now the oldest story not-yet-scrapped. It's a 2-pager and the pictures are printed. But that doesn't mean it will be the next thing I scrap. It all depends on my mood. There are a few recent events I'm itching to scrap, so those might be first. Either way, I'll make all the pages eventually.


  1. Loveeeeeeeeee this! LOVING the colors ... perfect for legoland!!!!!!

  2. Such a fun layout!
    You are very organised with your scrapbooking.


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