Cal Field Trip

Back when in-person school was a thing, I chaperoned Trevor's field trips with the National Junior Honor Society. This was actually the first NJHS field trip I chaperoned, but I scrapped the UC Davis visit (go Aggies!) before it. 

We started with a guided tour of the Cal campus. While I'd been to campus 6 or 7 times before, I'd never taken a guided tour. Trevor had been by the campus on the way to other attractions in Berkeley, but this was the first time he'd walked through campus. We both thoroughly enjoyed the tour, particularly when the guide pointed out the various campus features that appear in Monsters University. For the second part of the field trip, we went to the University of California Botanical Garden. Our family had been there two years earlier as part of Steve's 40th birthday celebration and we loved it just as much the second time. 

Cal Field Trip (affiliate link)

I made this page for the This is Halloween Challenge at Victoria Marie Designs. The challenge was to make a page featuring Halloween or fall-themed elements. I wouldn't ordinarily use leaf papers and embellishments for a page about a school trip, but it worked out so well. After all, the trip was in October and we visited a tree-filled campus and a botanical garden! I'm very happy with it and am glad the challenge inspired me to scrap with fall colors instead of going with my first instinct, which was using the university's brand palette


  1. How fun! I love this! Loving the leaves and the photos!

  2. LOVE how you created the collage of photos! Looks awesome!


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