Money Valentine Cards

I was invited to play along with the 7th edition of the Creative Crafts Collaboration. This time, the theme is Last Minute Valentine's Day. My mind immediately went to a money-themed valentine. I've created dozens of money gifts over the years, but never one for Valentine's Day. Time to change that! I designed two valentines using dollar bills. 

Money Valentine Cards


"You're the 1 I Love" Card

Cut a rectangle of red cardstock and punch a 1/2" heart on one side. Fold the dollar bill with the 1 facing out and position it so that it is completely hidden by the cardstock. Secure it with a Glue Dot. 

Add letter stickers to spell "YOU'RE THE" and "I LOVE." 

Use the tape runner to put adhesive on the back of the red square, JUST around the edges (not on the money). Attach it to a card base, right of center as shown. Punch two additional hearts and adhere them to the left side. Punch a border from black cardstock and line it up with the left edge of the red rectangle. 

"I Think You Are ONE-derful!" Card

With the back of the dollar bill facing you, fold the top portion down toward the back so that the word ONE is at the top of the bill. Fold the bottom portion of the bill backward. It will extend slightly over the top, leaving a little pocket to place the heart. Fold the left and right portions backward so that only the word ONE shows in the front. 

Cut a piece of red patterned paper slightly smaller than the card front. Cut a piece of pink patterned paper slightly smaller than the red one. Use Glue Dots to secure the dollar bill to the pink paper. 

Glue the red cardstock to the card base, then the pink cardstock on top of that. 

Punch a large red heart and two dark pink hearts. Adhere the two pink hearts on either side of the money as shown below. Write "I THINK YOU ARE" on the red heart and tuck it into the pocket formed by the money (add a Glue Dot if you'll be mailing the card). Add "DERFUL!" in letter stickers beneath the money and to the right. 

These are just two ideas- the possibilities are endless. Change out the denomination to tell someone, "You're a Perfect 10!" or "There's a 100% Chance I Love You!" And no matter what denomination you use, you can always tuck extra money inside the card. 

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Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Super cute idea Cindy! Thanks for joining us for the Creative Crafts Last Minute Valentines Crafts!


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