Kentucky 2018

Louisville ranks #2 on my list of Unexpectedly Awesome Cities for Family Vacations. We had such a great time there, as we did during all our travels in Kentucky. I tried to choose a good mix of photos, though it might be a bit horse-heavy. I spy 6 photos with horses... and the picture of Trevor and me in the winner's circle at Churchill Downs isn't one of them!

Kentucky 2018 (affiliate link)

I only have one more layout to make from our epic 17-day Midwest adventure - Ohio, currently at the top of my need-to-scrap list. As you can see on that list, I'd originally budgeted only one page for Kentucky, but ended up with a double-pager. That means that Ohio needs to be a single pager... or I need to add a page protector and do three Ohio pages in order to avoid leaving a blank spot. As annoying as that is, I'm glad I gave Kentucky its due. 


  1. Your travel pages are always awesome! I want to be like you when I grow up! :)

  2. Very cool. LOVE how you incorporated the photos!


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