Raspberry Hot Cocoa

I used to be a hot cocoa purist - the darker and more chocolatey, the better. But I was playing around with my LorAnn oils and discovered how AMAZING raspberry hot cocoa is. These little candy hearts are tasty on their own and make the perfect delivery system for just the right amount of raspberry in a mug of hot cocoa. Mmmmm!! Affiliate links below. 

Raspberry Hot Cocoa



Prepare 3 oz. of Candy Melts following the instructions on the package. Add three drops of Raspberry flavor. The candy will thicken slightly, but this is fine as long as you get it in the molds relatively quickly. Only fill the molds about halfway, as thinner hearts will melt more effectively in your hot cocoa. 

After the candy has set (approximately 10 minutes), pop the hearts out of the mold. Serve 4 hearts with each 8 oz. mug of piping hot cocoa. 

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