"You've Stolen My Heart!" Raccoon Valentine

While brainstorming ideas for my money valentine cards, an idea popped into my heart for a raccoon valentine. With their adorable little robber's masks, raccoons are the perfect way to tell someone, "You've Stolen My Heart!" Affiliate links below. 

"You've Stolen My Heart!" Raccoon Valentine



Wrap grey cardstock around the box of conversation hearts, leaving the side you open uncovered so that the recipient can eat the candy. Use the scraps to cut out a face, two ears, and a tail. Use the black pencil to draw the mask and the nose on the face, the center of the ears, and stripes on the tail. Add accents to the snout and forehead with the white pencil.  

Glue the googly eyes and the ears to the face. Cut a thin rectangle of grey cardstock and accordion-fold it to make a neck. Glue one end to the back of the face and the other end to the box. Glue the tail behind the other side of the box. Punch a heart from pink cardstock. 

Write "Valentine, you've stolen my heart!" on it. Glue the heart to the box. 


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