Snake Doodle

I like snakes. I always have. 

For a number of reasons, I will never have a pet snake. The primary reason is that I can't deal with providing a pet snake with live mice, which I also like. I greatly prefer feeding our vegan pet. The second reason is that Steve would leave me. He does not like snakes. And since I like Steve more than I like snakes, I will never have a pet snake.

I will, however, continue to make snake art.

I was doodling mindlessly during a Zoom meeting. When the meeting ended, I realized I'd inadvertently doodled a bunch of snakes. 

So I decided to color them in. But rather than coloring randomly, I decided to do my best to color them realistically, using only species found in the US. I hadn't draw heads or tails (since I didn't realize I was doodling snakes) so I just focused on the patterns. I grabbed the fish box and the iPad and started researching, coloring as I went. 

As you can see in the photo, I used a scratch piece of paper to remind myself of the name of each species. Then when I was done coloring, I used the Sharpie to write the names along each snake. 

Another craft for my growing Reptiles and Amphibians page!

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