Name Art Inspired by Alphabits Cereal

Remember how much I love the graphic design on the Alphabits cereal box? I made myself some name art, inspired by the box. It makes me really happy. 

It was surprisingly quick and easy to do. Of course, I used PicMonkey. I found two fonts that most closely matched the original, using the first four letters of my name from Chunk 5 and last letter from Ultra. I used the dropper tool to perfectly match my CIND with their BITS, then chose a red for my Y.  

Then it was time to decorate. They used bee for the letter B, a popsicle (I think that's supposed to be ice cream) for letter I, a tree for letter T, and a spaceship and stars for letter S.  

For my name, I chose a chocolate chip cookie for letter C, an actual ice cream cone for letter I, a narwhal for letter N, a donut and dots for letter D, and a yeti for letter Y. I used the cookie and yeti exactly how they are in PicMonkey. I changed the colors on the ice cream and the donut, but otherwise didn't change them. To make the narwhal, I merged a whale and a unicorn graphic, then changed the colors. I built the dots and the face on the dot of letter I using basic shapes. 

Here's a look at the original and my name together. 

Now I am totally inspired to make name art using other logos! I'll be keeping a lookout at the store for interesting options. Let me know if there are any you think I should definitely do.

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