Bean Mosaic Coaster

Today's project combines two classic kids' crafts, bean mosaics and trash-to-treasure. Follow along as I show you how to turn a plastic lid from the recycle bin into a functional coaster. While this takes only a small amount of time to assemble, drying time is very long. Plan accordingly! Affiliate links below. 

Bean Mosaic Coaster



Spread the beans onto a work surface. Experiment with design options, or jump right in! I found it easiest to start with the largest beans in my design. 

Put a small puddle of Mod Podge into the lid. Separate the largest beans you'll be using in the design, taking care to make them as similar in size as possible. Then arrange the largest beans where you want them. They'll be supporting your glass in the finished coaster, so consider that when you place them. 

Add more Mod Podge so that there is a shallow amount across the whole lid. It should be no deeper than the height of the smallest beans you'll be using. Arrange the rest of the beans in your design. 

Let the Mod Podge dry for several days (over a long weekend, if you're doing this in the classroom). When it looks like this, add a bit more Mod Podge over the top to seal everything in. 

Let the Mod Podge dry until it is completely clear and glossy. It took mine about a week from start to finish, but obviously room temperature and humidity play a big role in drying time. 

Test your coaster at this point. When you set a glass on it, it should feel secure and the water should be level. 

Here's the side view of mine. 

If yours isn't quite level enough for a drink coaster, you can use it as a plant coaster, or as a place to set keys. You could add a hook and hang it as an ornament. Or you can simply use it as a decoration. Lots of possibilities!

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