Colored Pencil Fleur de Lis: Lessons in Shadows and Paper Choice

I am learning so much about color pencils from Sarah Renae Clark! I've now watched 19 of her videos as part of my self-created class about coloring. Just after finishing Sarah's Advanced Shading Techniques video, Steve asked me to make a Scout-themed card for a camp ranger who helped our troop. Eager to try out Sarah's shading tips, I printed out a black and white image of the BSA fleur de lis and started coloring.  

I used my brand-new Prismacolors, but they weren't blending as well as they had on the floral coloring page, which had come from a coloring book. It turns out that ordinary copy paper is not a great surface for colored pencil work. Duh. I never use copy paper when drawing, so why would I have for coloring? I went back to Sarah's YouTube page and found a video specifically about the exact problem I was having

I haven't tested what papers will work in our printer, but it's on my to-do list. In the meantime, I did my best coloring the copy paper image. Matting it on black and gold really helped.

I wanted to share two very quick videos of Sarah's that I love. I hope to color with this level of realism someday. 

Were you able to spot the fakes right away? I wasn't!

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  1. Well you did a great job on the copy paper!

    P/s: I would try a bristol paper because it's smooth. Anything textured would not be great for your printer.


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