Glow in the Dark Eyes at the Window

The house is decorated for fall, but it's almost time to switch over to Halloween. Soon this will be hanging in the window by the front door. 

The eyes glow in the dark. This is what it looks like at night. Affiliate links below. 

Glow in the Dark Eyes at the Window



Paint a thin coat of Glow in the Dark paint on the yellow cardstock. When it is dry, add a second coat. You can add a third coat if you wish - the more coverage, the better the glow.  

Use strips of silver washi tape to create the muntins of the window. Wrap the ends around the back for a clean look. 

Use the scissors to cut out eyes from the painted yellow cardstock. Glue them to the window. 

To glow, the paint needs to 'charge' in the sunlight, so make sure to display your craft in a place with direct sun. Then enjoy the spooky glow at night!

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