Panama Canal 2017

Once again, I get to scratch a layout off the top of the need-to-scrap list! With this page about our 2017 cruise through the Panama Canal complete, the oldest story not yet told is from our trip to Ohio in summer of 2018. It's crazy to think that I might actually get caught up with vacation photos before the next time we're able to travel! 

Panama Canal 2017 (affiliate link)

My goal with this page was to include as many photos as possible (39!) and still have space for a lot of journaling. Everything else about the page was inspired by the "Defense of the Dark Arts" challenge during the Yer a Wizard Online Virtual Crop. The layout had to feature dark-colored embellishments, background, and title. I don't normally use a lot of dark elements, so this was definitely a challenge. I don't love how it turned out, but it's fine. I'm definitely glad to have it in the album. 


  1. Holy 39!!! That is awesome! I loveeeeee this!

  2. 39 photos on a double-page spread? That's super awesome!


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