Scrappy BFFs

For years, scrapbooking was a solo activity for me, but for the last decade or so I've gotten together regularly with my #ScrappyBFFs, Sheena and Jennifer. We usually meet in person once every few months and do a marathon 12-hour craft session, with lots of laughing mixed in. And lots of eating. (Jennifer makes the BEST cookies.)  

COVID-19 ended our in-person crops, but we've traded those for shorter and more frequent get-togethers via Zoom. It's not quite the same (for one thing, there aren't any cookies), but there are just as many laughs and we always have a great time. One big advantage is that we all work in our own craft spaces, so we don't have to lug huge amounts of supplies to each other's houses. 

Scrappy BFFs (affiliate link)

We almost always take a selfie when we're together, and we've been doing screenshots of our Zoom calls. I put one from each together to make this layout. And I used the patterned paper we bought during our most recent trip to Scrapbook Expo together. 
Most of my scrapping documents Trevor's life and our family's travels. Pages about my friends are rare, but are some of my favorites. They are a major part of my life and I'm glad my Scrappy BFFs are in the album. 


  1. I really need to scrap some of the pictures we have taken. I love our scrappy days, in person and virtual!

  2. Love love love love this! LOVING that you included your Zoom shots!!!!!

  3. How lovely it must be to have scrappy BFFs! I used to have some but they've given up on scrapbooking.


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