A Highly Unusual Baby Shower Card

As you know, I am Mommy to one son.  I'm Aunt Cindy to three nephews.  So when my sister announced that she was expecting a baby girl, I was really excited.  I would have been excited to have a new nephew, of course, but I can't wait to meet my first niece.  Only a few more weeks!

I'm going to be making a creative gift for the family after the baby is born, but I also wanted to get them something to open at the baby shower.  Trevor and I went to the baby store and headed right into the girl section.  Unfamiliar territory for me!  As I was looking at the frilly pink and lavender dresses, Trevor made a beeline to this outfit (and yes, it was in the girls' section):

Even though it's not frilly, pink or girly in any way, it is perfect.  My sister, brother-in-law and nephew are huge Disney fans.  Each fall, we celebrate my nephew's birthday with a Disney trip.  So we chose a size that will (hopefully) fit my new niece during the next trip.

Here is the card I made to go with the gift.  Not your traditional baby shower card!


Here's how the gift looked.  Not traditional either.  

I'm happy to say - it was a hit!  


  1. Very cool to make a card that matches the gift! Yours will definitely stand out because I am sure she will be receiving tons of pink stuff!

  2. I love that cute onesie and the matching card. Love the bold colours. Cool that you didn't go with the traditional pink and princessy stuff...lol

  3. Not traditional, but absolutely awesome! Such a wonderful gift and card!!!! My daughters NEVER liked pink! LOL!!!!

  4. I loveeeeeeeeeee this!!! That outfit and the card!!! Tooooooooo cute!!!

  5. I am a big Mickey Mouse fan and so, of course, I love this outfit! There will be many years to come to get her the frilly pink things, but it was the right think to get her this one when you saw it! I love the card that goes with it!


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