One Little Word - 2013

This is my third year participating in Ali Edwards' One Little Word.  For 2011, I chose the word Balance.  For 2012, I chose the word Celebrate.  Both experiences were very positive for me.

I've been thinking about my 2013 word for awhile.  Three different words presented themselves.  As I considered each, I thought about my hopes and goals for the upcoming year, as well as the fun I had with Celebrate during 2012.  After careful consideration, I chose Try.

To me, Try means that I will be open to new experiences and opportunities.  I will welcome chances to do things in a different way.  I will work deliberately toward my goals.  I will continue to explore the many "What would happen if....?" questions that pop into my brain on a daily basis.  (Things like, "What would happen if I baked goat cheese in a cupcake?" Awesome stuff like that.)

In the spirit of Try, I tried a new-to-me technique for this year's tag.  I painted a piece of chipboard white, then while it was still wet, I misted it lightly with blue and purple.  I used my finger to blot and swirl the color.  When it was dry, I cut the tag out, then stamped two stars on the scraps and cut them out.  I stamped the swirls, then added the rub-ons to another scrap of the chipboard and layered that on top.  Finally, I added the date.  

Here it is with the other two tags.  

Have you chosen One Little Word for 2013?  I'd love to hear what it is!


  1. What a great concept and lovely tags. I hope your 2013 is full of wonderful things!

  2. Lovely tags and a lovely thought!

  3. I didn't choose "OLW" this year.
    I did last year but it didn't work out very well!
    Love your tags and the way you are collecting them to represent your "OLW" each year!
    Wishing you much love and happiness in 2013!

  4. Thanks for the "follow"!
    I didn't even realize you weren't until you mentioned it! :0p

  5. I remember your first "one little word" and believe it is already time for number 3! Guess it's about time I participate, since the last two years I thought it was a great idea. I'm going to go with "persist." I tend to start new habbits, hobbies, etc. with excitement and energy and then either get distracted or discouraged. So this year I am going to persist, and make more progress toward my goals.

  6. I have my word ... will be sharing it soon on the bloggy! I loveeeeeeeeee your word!!!! LOVING your tag for this year too!!!! And I have only applied for one new team so far..... IF I get it ... it will be starting in Feb :)

  7. I love your OLW and I really love your tags!! :)

  8. I thought about "try" for my word to...have decided on "be". Beautiful idea to make tags with them. My first year (2 years ago) was a bust...kind of forgot about my word after a month or so (loving) and even thought of trying it again. Managed to stick with my word "whatever" last year and really enjoyed it. Looking forward to 2013, my word, your word and blog.

  9. I haven't chosen a OLW this year. I'm focusing on trying to get published more and using up some of my older stash. Oh and not cursing as much... LOL There's always that.

  10. Love "try"! Fantastic choice!
    Definitely doing your tag idea, those are very cool. I'll have to catch up on the last few years!
    Mine for 2013 is "worth".
    Thanks for your comments on my blog!


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