Fiskateer Crop: July - September

Here's the third batch of projects from the Fiskateer "Through the Year" crop.

The July challenge:
Create a project using a FLAG.  It can be a card, layout, tag, altered art, home décor—whatever suits your fancy. It can also be ANY type of FLAG – a state flag, country flag, garden flag, sports flag, holiday flag, birthday etc.
This challenge was really hard for me.  My mind immediately went to banners, but I decided against that.  (Are banners really flags?  I'm not sure.)  I got out a toothpick and set about making a flag.  Cut cardstock into a rectangle, attach a sticker or two, and glue it to the toothpick.  How hard could it be?  As it turns out, pretty hard (for me).  I couldn't get the proportions right.  And when I finally did get the proportions right, it didn't fit the sticker I wanted to use.  It was very frustrating.  With time running out, I submitted this card, even though I was not at all happy with it.


The August challenge:
After a summer of lots of parties and celebrations, we are often in need of sending out some cards of appreciation -- to say thank you, you're welcome, thinking of you etc.  Create a handmade card with a handmade, matching/coordinating envelope. It can be of any theme/size-- but they both MUST be made by hand and not premade.
I stumbled on this card sketch by Jessica Witty awhile ago and have been wanting to use it.  This was the perfect chance.  I'm down to almost nothing but scraps from Paper Loft's "Spring Fling" collection (probably about 5 years old), so it was a good choice for punching out circles.  When I made the matching envelope, I was careful to do my cuts and folds so that the decorative scroll border would follow the edge of the envelope.


The September challenge:
Back to school time: TAG you’re it!  Create one handmade tag.  It must include something orange and something green on it!
I think this is my favorite of all the things I made during this crop.  I love orange/green color combinations, I love polka dots, and I love simplicity.

Tomorrow: the October through December challenges, plus a 13th challenge.


  1. GREAT work as always!!!!!!

  2. The tag is my favorite. Super cute dots!

  3. The tag is my favorite too. I love polka dots and lime green is my favorite color!

  4. Love love love love!!! LOVING that flag on the first one!!!

  5. Great job with the "Fiskateer" projects, Cindy! I love them all! You go girl!!!!!!

  6. How fun are these! I really love the presents on the flag! :)

  7. Your tag really pops! Love it. Great projects, all.


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