Time for a Mythbusters Update....

As most of you know, my husband Steve and I were volunteers for a big, awesome Mythbusters experiment.  The filming took place last May.  We were told that the episode would probably air in early fall.  It was so hard waiting all summer!  Little did we know how long we'd actually be waiting.  Fall came and went and our episode did not air.  However, brief clips and still shots from our episode started appearing on their website and Facebook page.  Week after week, I'd check the schedule and see new episodes scheduled... but not ours.  

Then around Thanksgiving, Discovery stopped airing new episodes.  The website had a picture taken from our episode with a mention that new episodes will begin again in spring.      

And then, something very interesting happened.  

I got an email inviting me to apply as a volunteer for another experiment.  Steve and I both applied.  We were asked to submit pictures of ourselves and our cars.  Steve was accepted.  I was not.  Needless to say, this was pretty upsetting. 

Steve went to do his filming.  Halfway through the day, he sent me a message saying that my car had been rejected (as opposed to ME being rejected).  The production assistants wanted me to reapply using Steve's car instead.  I did and was accepted for a day of filming a week after Steve's.    

I had a blast doing my filming.  Like before, I can't talk about any of it for awhile.  Unlike before, I was allowed to take pictures.  I can't share them with anyone until after the episode airs, but I actually have pictures this time.  Yea!

While I was there, I learned some very interesting things.  Our original episode actually aired in Australia last fall.  Although Mythbusters is filmed in California, the production company (Beyond) is Australian.  Usually, the episodes air here and there at the same time, but our episode and two others aired in Australia after Thanksgiving.  So, we *could* find the episode online and watch it, but we're waiting until it airs here to watch it.  Beyond has no control over when Discovery airs the episodes, but they do know that new episodes resume in March. So I'm cautiously optimistic that the three that aired in Australia will be the first to air in the US when the season resumes.  I also learned that Discovery is planning to move Mythbusters back to Wednesday nights.    

As for when our second episode is going to air, your guess is as good as mine.  The production assistant said they've seen episodes air as soon as 6 weeks after they wrap up filming, but 3-4 months is more typical.  Our first episode is certainly on the long end, at 8 months and counting!

P.S.  Happy 37th birthday, Steve!  I love you.


  1. How cool!! I can't wait!!! And Happy Birthday Steve!!!!

  2. How fun Cindy! Sounds like you had a great time.

  3. This had to be so exciting! The two of you are becoming regulars!

  4. Wow! I know someone famous!!! I can't wait until you can tell us the whole story! You must have been so star struck at first. Were you nervous the first time? The second time you must have felt like a pro. LOL! My husband is so jealous. So happy for you to fulfill one of your dreams on your list.

  5. How exciting! But I can imagine how anxious you are about your first episode airing! I am such an impatient person it would drive me crazy waiting!

    Happy Birthday to your hubby!

  6. Happy Birthday to your husband! Please let us know when the episodes air. I would really love to watch them. It sounds like quite an experience.


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