CHA Wishlist

During the past few weeks, manufacturers have been releasing sneak peeks of what they'll be officially debuting at the Craft and Hobby Association (CHA) tradeshow, which opens in a few days.  (Sadly, I won't be there.  Perhaps again someday... )

It's been a lot of fun seeing the new stuff, watching for trends, and predicting what will be the hot items from this year's show.  Even more fun is starting my wishlist!  Here are a few of the items that have caught my eye.

  • Echo Park's Designer Solids

I am always on the lookout for patterns small enough to read as solid. They're few and far between. The fact that Echo Park has made a whole collection based on this concept is awesome.

  • Bella Blvd's Designer Tape

I love these colors and I'm a sucker for polka dots.  I haven't used a lot of washi tape, but I love the way it turned out when I used it to cover a tin.

  • Fancy Pants' Swagger

I use a lot of brown, blue and green in my scrapping and I love to see a collection that incorporates those. And the orange is a fun accent! This collection has some small patterns and cute stripes as well. While I don't love every paper in this collection, the beauty of 2-sided paper means that I can always use the other side of a paper I don't like.

  • SEI's Diane

I love the colors and the small patterns of this collection.  This isn't a very practical collection for me, since the only time I use these colors is for Easter and the annual pages I made for my goddaughters.  But I love it anyway!  It would make gorgeous cards... maybe I can justify it after all.

  • Fancy Pants' Etcetera

I love a good basics collection.  This one has great patterns and colors that will go with just about anything else.

How about you?  Have you seen any CHA sneak peeks that have caught your eye?


  1. These are all good picks! I love patterned paper used as cardstock. In fact, I rarely use cardstock as the background on my layouts anymore.

    I really like the navy trend. I am seeing it in a lot of sneak peeks, navy and red, especially. There's still a lot of faded, distressed and watercolor collections being releases and they're pretty but I sure don't mind clean and bold.

  2. I am with Izzy - I love clean and bold! and I really like the Echo Park designer solids collection, too!!!! Your picks are awesome, Cindy! I always love reading your interesting blog posts!!!!

  3. Ooohhh, lots of fun looking stuff!!! I don't think I've seen anything I just have to have...at least not yet... stay tuned!

  4. I am LOVING all of these!!! I can't wait to play with BB's tapes!!

  5. Im loving the Echo Park and the SEI.

  6. I really am loving all of the new sneak peeks too. I can totally see you using all of the stuff you said you'd like to have. I can't wait to see what you come up with when you get new goodies!

  7. I love the Swagger collection. Super cute boy collection. I also like the Remarkable collection by MME.

  8. I am loving the Echo Park paper as well! I have had to work hard to use a patterned paper (big pattern) as my background. I struggle with it often.
    Great things are coming!!!

  9. I have to admit to having a few heart palpatations when I saw all the new Doodlebug collections coming soon. I can't wait!!! :) I am also looking forward to Echo Park's Scoot line, which should be available online now! YAY!


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