Crayon Melt Owl

It's been awhile since I last pulled out the warming tray.  (If you don't know what I'm talking about, go here and here first.This time, we used our warming trays to make Crayon Melt Owls.

Back in early December, Trevor's school had a huge, awesome craft night.  There were dozens of crafts, some free-form and some kits.  One of the kits was this owl from Oriental Trading Company.  It was the inspiration for our Crayon Melt Owl.  

We started by pulling out brown, orange and yellow crayons.

Then we plugged in the warming tray and covered a paper with swirls and smears of color. Trevor had a crayon in each hand, giggling the whole time.

Here's what my finished paper looked like.  Trevor's had more browns and oranges.  (If you don't have a warming tray, you could achieve a similar look with paint.)  Additional supplies: scissors, pop dots, googly eyes, and white glue.

We cut out the pieces from our papers.

There are five pieces: the main body, the secondary body piece, the tummy, the eyes and a beak.

Starting at the bottom, we built the owl up, using pop dots between each layer.  Here's mine. 
This gives you a sense of the dimension.

I ended up adding wings to mine.  

Trevor liked his without wings.  Or, more accurately, without VISIBLE wings, as he assures me his owl does have wings but they are tucked in. 
Such a fun project!


  1. Toooooooo cute!!! I love that Trevor's owl has his wings tucked in! :)

  2. Very cool! We melt crayons too using our iron, but never thought to turn what we create on paper into something other than an abstract piece of art!

  3. That is so nice. And I see the owl tucking the wings in too. (Oh how funny :) What a great project! I can't wait until Damien is old enough so I can do some things like this with him. (He is only 6mo. so I think I have a bit of a wait.)

  4. I really love the way these turned out! The blended colors look fabulous. I really need to figure out that whole warming tray thing!!

  5. Awesome project, Cindy! the colors look so cool together. Makes me want to get a warming tray!!!! I really like both Owls! Trevor has as much creativity as his mom, I think!!!!!

  6. I chuckled at the tucked in wings! Super cute project. You always have the most creative ideas!

  7. The result is very reminiscent of Eric Carle (The Very Hungry Caterpillar, etc.) Super Cute!


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