Earmuff Penguin

Trevor loves penguins. Of course, who doesn't? When I saw the penguins Kristin Thomas' 1st graders made, I knew we'd have fun making our own. Here's my penguin:

Materials: construction paper (blue, black, white, orange, and another color for the scarf and earmuffs), silver ink and snowflake stamp, scissors, glue, and a black sharpie. I also ended up using a black pipe cleaner.

Begin by stamping snowflakes all over the blue construction paper. Cut a U-shaped penguin body from the black construction paper. Use the scraps to cut two triangle flippers. Glue the flippers and the body to the construction paper.

Cut a smaller U-shaped tummy from the white construction paper. Use the scraps to cut two circles for eyes. Use the sharpie to add pupils.  

Add an orange triangle beak. To make the earmuffs, cut two flattened circles. The scarf is made from three rectangles. I cut fringe into one end of the two smaller rectangles.

Before gluing everything into place, use the sharpie to draw an arc to connect the earmuffs. Or, use a black pipe cleaner to form an arc. I like the dimension of the pipe cleaner, but drawing it is much easier! Finally, fluff up the fringe of the scarf.

Here's another look at my finished penguin.

And here is Trevor's:

He'd started out so eager to make an earmuff penguin, but only got as far as stamping the silver snowflake background before he changed his mind and went his own direction. As much as I wanted to see what his interpretation of the earmuff penguin would be, I love the fact that he has his own artistic vision and is so creative.


  1. Penguins are sooo cute!
    Love Trevor's interpretation of the project; it is so creative!

    BTW-the Pinspiration blog's latest challenge is to use an pic as inspiration for your project...the pic is of 3 penguins!
    What a coincidence!

  2. Trevor's penguin makes me smile :)

  3. Well these couldn't be cuter and I got a good chuckle at the end. That Trevor is adorable.

  4. Hehe...super cute! Love that Trevor has a creative mind of his own!

  5. These are both ADORABLE!! I loveeeeeeee penguins!!!

  6. Such a darling penguin!! ~ Blessings, Tracey



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