Bunny Valentines

We are fortunate to live just a few minutes from the Jelly Belly Factory.  It is an awesome place. When Trevor and I were there in late January to get Steve jelly bellies for his birthday, we noticed their adorable peas and carrots candy. It's basically the same stuff as candy corn. The peas are flavored like green apple and the carrots are orange sherbet. It got me thinking....  bunny Valentines!

To make the bunnies, you need grey paper, pink paper, circle punch, scissors, mini heart punch, glue, and a black pen.

I helped Trevor punch out 30 circles, then we cut 30 pairs of ears. As he arranged ears, I punched out 30 pink heart noses.  

Trevor drew 30 faces, then glued on the ears and noses. 

Here's a close-up of a bunny. So cute. 

I cut white cardstock to size, then Trevor stamped "From" and signed his name on each one. We filled bags with candy, stapled a card to each, and glued a bunny to cover the staple.  

I should mention: there are 29 kids in Trevor's class. He liked these Valentines so much that he insisted on making one to give to himself.  


  1. Really cute and I love that it's not the traditional type of Valentine!

    BTW seeing Trevor working w/ your punch reminds me of how I tell my kids when they are working on a school project that they are lucky they have a mom who scrapbooks; access to awesome tools and supplies!

    We took the Jelly Belly tour once, when we visited San Francisco, and we loved it, especially the kids of course! BTW I didn't realize you lived as close to me as you do!

  2. I love love love love this idea!!! And those candies are just ADORABLE!!!

  3. How adorable are these!?? I love how you were inspired to make bunny Valentines! I wish we lived close to the Jelly Belly Factory, too!!! Happy Valentine's Day, my friend!

  4. Totally CUTE!!! Really fun and creative. Love the peas and carrots idea. Trevor is such a hard worker. :)


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