Handprint Owl

Back in January, I shared a Disney-themed card I made to coordinate with the Mickey Mouse outfit Trevor picked out for his future baby cousin. I mentioned that I'd be making a creative gift to give after the baby was born. I'm thrilled to announce that the baby is here - my first niece! She's absolutely beautiful and such a joy.

Here's Trevor holding Allison Kate, who is about 6 hours old in this picture.

Here's the gift I made for her:

Well, not quite. This one has Trevor's handprint and I am keeping it. (Fortunately, my sister thought nothing of me handing her a gift, watching her unwrap it, then taking it back from her.) The one I make for my sister will have her two children's handprints on it - 12 year old Timothy and newborn Allison. 

To make one, you need: a canvas, gesso, foam brush, acrylic paint (brown, white, black, yellow, green), pencil, baby wipes.

  • Begin by priming the canvas with gesso. After that is dry, add a blue sky. I started by putting white paint on the canvas and adding streaks of blue over that until I had the look I wanted. Let it dry thoroughly.  
  • Use the foam brush to cover the child's hand with brown paint. Make sure the hand is completely covered and that the paint is even. Stamp the hand firmly on the canvas. Lift straight up when removing the hand. Use baby wipes or warm soapy water to clean the child's hand. Let the handprint dry.
  • Paint a tree branch horizontally across the canvas so that the palm of the hand is above it and the fingers extend below. Add the trunk of the tree off to one side.  
  • Use the pencil to lightly draw circles where the eyes will be, then fill in completely with white paint. This will take two or more coats to get good coverage. Let everything dry.
  • Use the yellow paint to make talons. Add a yellow triangle beak. Paint pupils in black. Finish by painting green leaves on the branch.  

Easy as pie! At least, it is with a cooperative 6 year old. It might be a totally different story when I go to make this with a newborn's curling little hand. Anyone have any tips?!


  1. That's a really great idea!
    Your sister and mom will love them.....
    when you let to keep them!

  2. Oh this is so adorable! And so is that photo of Trevor holding his baby cousin!!

  3. I have a tip: do it quick! LOL!!!
    Actually I'm only partly kidding. I used to take prints of my daughter's hand when she was a baby and as long as I was ready to ink and take the print quickly, it always worked out, for the most part!
    Congrats on your new niece and that is a cute owl picture Trevor made!!!

  4. She is just beautiful!! And love love love the canvas! So pinning this!!! LOVE it!! Maybe it will be this years party theme for Brookie! LOL!!!

  5. Such a great idea! You ALWAYS have such wonderful ideas!!!! :)

  6. LOVE this and am totally making one!!!

  7. OOoooh...love the precious photo of Trevor holding his cousin!
    And that owl card is adorable!

  8. Oh my goodness this is SUCH a cool project! I absolutely adore everything about it.


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