Trick Oreo Treat

It seems like I did nothing but Valentines and kids' crafts this week, but I did actually manage to get a little scrapping in.  Each October, Trevor and I head to Baskin Robbins for their Flavor-of-the-Month, Trick-OREO-Treat.  It's one of our favorite fall traditions.

I used this sketch by Shannon White.

The Baskin Robbins logo at the top left of my layout came from a gift card holder.  I just cut it out and glued it on.  It's probably not acid-free, but I don't really care.  To make the oreo in my title, I simply found an image online, adjusted the size, printed it and cut it out.  

I just now realized that I should have chosen "Eat all 12 of Baskin Robbins' Flavors of the Month" as one of my 40 Things.  What was I thinking?!  I missed a golden opportunity to justify going out to ice cream every month for a year!  Maybe that will be a project for my 41st year...  


  1. Adorable! :) Love it! And that would've been a PERFECT addition to your list! LOL

  2. I agree: that would have been a terrific idea for your 40 things list!! Such cute pics. What a fun tradition. Great layout. Love your take on the sketch.

  3. Loveeeeeeee this! LOVING the photos and love love love love the Oreo!!

  4. LOL Cindy! You are so funny! Yes, what were you thinking???? and I absolutely love this layout. I am loving the clean lines and your fun and fabulous photos! I think the name of the ice cream alone justifies having a treat at Halloween time!!!! Thanks for sharing this with us, Cindy!

  5. I say you should DEFINITELY add that challenge to next year's list. I mean, really? Don't you need to know what they all taste like?! LOL Super fun layout Cindy. I really liked this post!


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