First Haircut

Recently, Trevor asked about his first haircut.  I love that I could go upstairs to the shelf, pull out the correct scrapbook, and turn right to the page and show him.  It literally took 2 minutes.

He loved seeing the little lock of hair I'd saved.  He was amazed that he was sitting in the racecar at Kids Carousel Cuts, now much too small for him.  He marveled at the before and after pictures.  

While I cringe a bit at what my scrapbooking looked like in early 2007, I absolutely love that this page exists. 


  1. This is exactly why I love scrapbooking!!! :) I have done the same thing when we get to talking about a particular event, or when something happened. I go to my shelf, pull out the book, and there it is. LOVE it!!! :)

  2. And this is why we scrap, right? To capture the pieces of ours and our loved ones lives... How awesome that not only could you tell him the story but you could show it to him!
    And BTW - I think the layout looks great! I love the way the multiple pics are lined up so neatly and that you included the lock of hair!
    We are always our worst critics!

  3. This is what it's all about!! I loveeeeeeeee this!!!!

  4. Your page ROCKED way back when, Cindy! I wouldn't cringe at all and agree with Julie - that's what it's all about! And I also love how organized you are!

  5. Love that you are so organized. You've certainly kept to your CAS style. Love the photos!


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